What a week as FPL World Number 1

This week has been incredible; I can't tell you how great it feels to be ranked world number 1 on the official FPL. I thought I would write my first ever blog to go through my season so far and my plans for the upcoming GW's.

I have been playing FPL for the last six years, with a mixed bag of result, but this season has seen a change in fortunes and I find myself top after GW5.  I enjoy playing the game, checking out the stats and being a part of a great community of fans from all over the world. Will my fun continue? Follow me on twitter @Barrick88 to find out. 

Now, lets take a look at my team that produced 113 points in GW 5:

(TP=Total Points, Val=Value, %=Percentage Selected By)

Courtois: Chelsea, TP 23, Val 5.5m, 14.1% ,Stk(a) MC(h) CP(a)

After an awful first week conceding 3 at home against Burnley, Courtois has scored 6 points in 3 out of the last 4 GW's. Some people prefer to go for a cheaper keeper, but I think over a season, a top keeper pays off.

Alonso: Chelsea   TP 30, Val 7.1m, 21.2%,  Stk(a) MC(h) CP(a)

Stones: Man City TP 21, Val 5.5m, 6.2%,  CP(h) Chel(a) Stk(h)

Davies: Spurs TP 32, Val 5.7m 20.3% WH(a) Hudd(a) Bourn(h)

Valencia: MU, TP 36, Val 6.5m, 10.6% Sou(a) CP(h) Liv(a)

My team last season was built on a solid Chelsea defence, so I decided to do so again this season with FPL's most expensive defender: Alonso. I am sure over the season Alonso will be worth the price tag. Man Utd and Spurs both have great defensive records, hence the selection of Valencia and Davies, who are both in the top 3 point scored for defenders this season so far. Both started with low ownership which made then great additions to have. Stones provided a cheaper way into another top 4 defence, however he poses a rotation risk once Kompany returns. 

Salah: Liv, TP 34, Val 9.2, 33.6%, Lei(a) New(a) MU(a) 

Redmond: Sou, TP 15, Val 6.5m, 5.2%, MU(h) Stk(a) New(h)

Ritchie: New, TP 24, Val 5.9m, 4.5%,Bri (a) Liv (h) Sou (a)

On paper, my midfield seems the weakest area of my team, having decided to spend more money on GK, DEFs and FWDs. Salah is the 2nd highest point scoring midfielder this season so far and Ritchie has proved to be an excellent differential, picking up 22 points in the last 3 GW's. I chose him because I'd seen him play a lot at Newcastle, and thought he would come good in the PL. 

Firmino: Liv, TP 30, Val 8.7m, 29.6%, Lei(a) New(a) MU(a) 

Lukaku: MU, TP 37, Val 11.5, 55.8%, Sou(a) CP(h) Liv(a)

Aguero: MC, TP 41, Val 11.6m, 20.2%, CP(h) Chel(a) Stk(h)

All 3 of my forwards are in the top 5 point scorers for forwards so far this season, with Aguero and Lukaku being 1st and 2nd respectively. 

Elliot: New, TP 22, Val 4.1m, 23%, Bri(a)  Liv(h)  Sou(a)

Mbemba: New, TP 13, Val 4m, 9.4%, Bri(a)  Liv(h)  Sou(a)

Carroll: Swa, TP 12, Val 4.5m, 6.1%,  Wat(h) WH(a) Hud(h)

Billing: Hud, TP 9, Val 4.5m, 0.6%, Bur(a) Tot(h) Swa(a) 

My bench consist of players with the lowest value on the game. I played my bench boost, my only chip used so far, in GW 3 and my bench alone scored 22 points. I've only made 2 transfers this season, and that was to bring in players for my bench boost; my starting XI has been the same since GW 1. 

Ones to watch...

Kane-I didn't put him in my team this year as I thought he was too expensive; but now August is over, last season's PL top scorer is one to watch. Tottenham are creating so many chances, and it can only be a matter of time before Kane consistently gets on the end of those chances and starts scoring. My Brother-in-Law is a huge Spurs fan, and has said it has been agonising watching Kane miss chances, but at least he is getting chances. 

Alli-Same as Kane, I expect him to come into form-that goal against Barnsley in the cup this week might be the start for him to really get some points on the board. 

Hazard-Looked sharp on his return to the Chelsea side against Arsenal, a start mustn't be too far away in the PL; and he can produce great returns.

Sanchez-Sanchez cannot be ignored, and Arsenal have some promising fixtures coming up in the next 5 GWs

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